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OTAI Annual Merit Awards

1. Prof. J. G. Kane Memorial Award: This award was instituted by J. G. Kane Memorial Trust, Mumbai for an eminent scientist for his outstanding contribution in the field. The scientist selected by the OTAI, at the occasion of Annual Convention of OTAI, delivers a lecture named professor J. G. Kane Memorial Lecture. The award carries a cash prize of Rs. 25000/= and a Citation which is jointly financed by J.G. Kane Memorial Trust & OTAI (WZ).

2. Dr. S. HUSAIN ZAHEER MEMORIAL AWARD: This award was instituted by Zaheer Science Foundation of the CSIR in the year 1979, to perpetuate the memory of Dr. S. Husain Zaheer, for excellence in research contribution in Oil Chemistry and Technology, Surface Coatings and allied subjects through research papers which include applicant's name among the authors and which appeared during the previous three calendar years. The award consists of cash prize of Rs. 5,000/= and a Citation.

3. Rai Bahadur G. V. Swaika Memorial Award: This award was instituted by M/s Kusum Product limited, Calcutta to perpetuate the memory of Rai Bahadur G. V. Swaika, for excellence in specific product development or innovation or improvement in the field of Oils, Oilseeds, Surface Coatings and Allied products over last three calendar years. The award consists of a cash prize of Rs.5,000/= and a citation.

4. S. D. THIRUMALA RAO MEMORIAL AWARD: This award has been instituted from the year 2003 in memory of Shri S. D. Thirumala Rao. This award is given for outstanding contributions (Papers published/Patents taken) during three calendar years preceding the year of award on the relevant subject. The award consists of cash prize of Rs. 5000/= and a Citation.

5. DR. R. K. KHANNA MEMORIAL AWARD: Annual cash award of Rs. 5000/- was instituted with the support of OTAI (CZ) in memory of Prof. R.K. Khanna. This team award is for the best research paper published in all issues of the Journal of Lipid Science Technology, which appears during previous calendar year. No application is required for this award.


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