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7.5 Elections:
7.5.1 President: Any member of the Association in good standing may, during an election year, forward to the ZEC for election as President, the name of any bonafide eligible member of OTAI, carrying the written consent of the candidate. These names will be scrutinised by the Hony. Secretary of the Zone as detailed in clause Vice President-OTAI (HQ) will be elected from the zones as per procedure mentioned in 7.5.1. Hony. General Secretary, Hony. Jt. General Secretary and Hony. General Treasurer. These positions will be filled from among OTAI members resident at HQ. Any member of the Association, in good standing may, during an election year, forward to the ZEC the name of any bonafide eligible member of OTAI resident at the Head Quarter, carrying the written consent of the candidate, for election to one of the four posts. The Hon. Secretaries of the respective ZEC involved will scrutinise the names and forward them to the Headquarters for election as per the procedure laid down in clause 7.6.
7.5.3 All the five Zonal Secretaries shall be Ex-officio members of CEC.
7.5.4 Editor JLST an Vice Presidents of all the Central Standing Committees such as the publication Committee, Building Committee, International Co-ordination Committee, and Research Investigation and Implementation Committee will be nominated by each new CEC at its first meeting and will hold office for not more than two consecutive terms. Vice President of any of these Standing Committees shall not be from the Ex-officio Members and Zonal CEC representatives.
7.5.5 The election to the offices shall be organised by the CEC between September 30 (preceding to the election year) and May 31 of the election year.
7.5.6 Members of the Association who are in arrears of subscription after September 30 of the current year, shall not be eligible for election/nomination to any office of the Association.
7.5.7 In case of a tie, the casting vote shall be cast by the President of the Association.
7.5.8 The President and other office-bearers of the CEC/ZEC, Vice Presidents of various Central Standing Committes, Editor of JLST shall be eligible for re-election for a second consecutive term, but shall not hold the same post for more than two consecutive terms.

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