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7.6 Procedure for conducting elections for CEC & ZEC:
7.6.1 Election procedure shall begin in the month of September preceding to the election year of the CEC/ZEC and shall be completed before 31st May of the election year.

CEC/ZEC shall, in its meeting to be held before 30th September preceding to the election year, appoint an election board consisting of TWO members, Who,

i) shall not contest election for any post during that period and

ii) may be from any location irrespective of the Zonal or Headquarters' location.

7.6.3 Hony. General Secretary / Zonal Secretary shall help this election board for conducting an election.
7.6.4 Hony. General Secretary/Zonal Secretary shall call for the nominations of all the elected posts on or before 15th December and after scrutinizing their eligibility, shall forward all the eligible nominations to the respective election board All the nominations for the CEC positions shall be forwarded by the Zonal Secretary to the Hony. General Secretary who shall forward these nominations to the respective election board. Election Board shall then make necessary arrangements to inform names of all contestants to the candidates.
7.6.5 Members desiring to withdraw their nominations can do so by writing a letter to the respective Zonal Secretary on or before 15th January, who, after receiving such withdrawl letter(s) shall immediately forward the same to the respective election board (for CEC positions through Hony.Gen.Secretary)
7.6.6 National election board shall then send the list of all the eligible candidates to those CEC members who are eligible to vote by post on or before 15th of February, for expression of choice by secret postal ballot.
7.6.7 Ballot papers shall be received back by Hony.General Secretary on or before 31st January.
7.6.8 All the received ballot papers shall be opened by both the members of the Election Board in the presence of Hony.Gen. Secretary and Treasurer, President of the Zone where Head Quarter is located and all the candidates, in case they desire to be present. Counting shall be done immediately in their presence and and results shall be prepared and signed by them and those who were present during that time.
7.6.9 Hony. General Secretary shall then communicate the results in writing to all the CEC Members on or before 31st March. All the elected Members shall take charge in the Annual General meeting to be held on or before September 30th after its ratification. President-elect and HGS-elect will be invited members of CEC till they take charge.

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