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7.6.10 In case of any eventuality to the elected Member(s), either by resignation or death, before assuming the charge of the office in the CEC/ZEC, any other eligible member nominated by two third members of the outgoing CEC/ZEC, shall assume the charge of the office as mentioned in clause 7.6.8 In any case Fresh Election shall not be conducted.
7.6.11 In case of any eventuality to the elected member(s}, either by resignation or by death, who has already assumed the office of the CEC/ZEC as President, Vice-President(s), Secretary / Jt. Secretary & Treasurer, the respective CEC/ZEC shall nominate the Member from the existing CEC/ZEC members, by two third majority of the members present, for the above mentioned vacant position/s for the remaining tenure. However, for the post of Member, CEC/ZEC can co-opt, by two third majority, any OTAI eligible member. Other vacancies in the Council between two consecutive Annual General Body meetings shall be filled by nomination by the Council.
7.6.12 All the Ex-Officio positions in the CEC will not require ratification by All India General Body Meeting as the respective Zonal General Body's ratification enable them to become an ex-offcio member of the CEC.
7.7 The president shall preside over all meetings of the CEC. In his absence, the Vice President (HQ) and if he is not present, the member shall elect any other Zonal President to preside, or in their absence, any other member,
7.8 Seven (7) persons shall form the quorum of the CEC Meeting.
7.9 The Headquarters shall consolidate the Zonal and Central Committee's accounts with their own account and shall submit the audited statement of accounts and balance sheet of the year ending 31st March, certified by the Chartered Accountants before 31st August.

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