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Amendment to Rules & Bye - Laws

  Amendment to Rules & Bye-Laws
15.1 Proposals for the amendment to these rules and bye-Laws may be made by any individual member or by the CEC, any ZEC or any Local Co-Ordination Committee (LCC).
15.2 Any proposals made by members shall be sent to the ZEC two-months prior to the Annual General Meeting. The ZEC will send the proposals with its comments to the Hony. General Secretary of the Association one month prior to the Annual General Meeting.
15.3 No amendment to or alteration of the rules and bye-laws of the Association shall be made except at the Annual General Meeting or extra ordinary General body meeting specially called for it and such proposals shall require for its adoption a two-third majority of those present and voting.
15.4 If desired by its Members, CEC shall appoint a panel of Members for the revision of its Bye-Laws which shall submit recommendations to the CEC for its approval. Once the recommendations are accepted by CEC, it shall be put in to the Specially called General Body meeting for its ratification which shall be by two third of the members present in the meeting.

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