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Annual General Meetings & Convention

10.1 It shall be obligatory to hold at least one General Meeting of the Association a year, and shall hold a Convention at least once in two years.
10.2 The time and place of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) shall be fixed by the CEC and shall be announced by the Honorary General Secretary at least 4 weeks from the date of the meeting.
10.3 All notices of motions for consideration at the AGM shall be submitted to the Honorary General Secretary so as to reach him atleast 3 weeks before the date of the meeting.
10.4 The President of the Association shall preside over the AGM. In his absence, the Meeting may elect as Chairman from one of the Vice-Presidents present, or in their absence, any member of the CEC present.
10.5 Fifty (50) members, who are entitled to vote (which excludes student member) shall form the quorum for the Annual General Meeting. An adjourned meeting will not need a quorum.
10.6 The following business shall be obligatory for the Annual General Meeting:-
10.6.1 Presentation of the minutes of the last AGM, and of any Extra-ordinary General Body Meeting.
10.6.2 Presentation of the Annual Report, which should contain a statement of activities of Headquarters. Zones, Local Branches and Central Committees.
10.6.3 Passing of the audited statement of accounts and balance sheet of the year.
10.6.4 Sanctioning of the budget for the following year based on budget estimates received form Headquarters and all the Central Committees.
10.6.5 Announcement   of the name of the office-bearers and other elected members of the CEC in every election year.
10.6.6 Appointing of an Auditor and fixing his remuneration.

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