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Central Standing Committees

13.1.1 Various Committees with specified functions will be appointed by each new CEC, with information to the General Body.
13.1.2 All the Central Standing Committees shall be under the chairmanship of President OTAI. However, for better co-ordination and efficient functioning, he may nominate Vice-Presidents for conducting the business of these committees in his absence.
13.1.3 The Vice-Presidents of these committees can hold office for not more than two consecutive terms.
13.1.4 The Secretaries of these Committees are appointed by Vice Presidents. They can not hold office for more than two consecutive terms.
The Treasurer of the Association shall be Treasurer for these Standing Committees. (considering their bank accounts are at the HQ).
13.1.5 Each Central standing committee shall submit an Audited statement of Accounts and a report of their activity to the Headquarters by August 30 of each year.
13.1.6 Each Central Standing Committee shall submit report of its activity to CEC every year before August 30.
13.1.7 All the Standing Committees shall function at the location decided by the CEC.
13.2.1 Publication Committee (PC)
a) The Publication Committee (PC) shall ensure timely and regular publication of the Journal of the Oil Technologists' Association of India and of any other regular or occasional publication of the OTAI.
b) Publication Committee shall organise to send all OTAI members a copy of JOTAI.
c) Publication Committee shall collect Rs. 75 per member, or as decided by the CEC, from all the Zones towards JOTAI.
d) Publication Committee shall also receive two full-page advertisements or equivalent money, from each Zones to meet the cost of JOTAI.
e) Publication Committee shall submit its budget/expenditure statement for CEC's approval.
f) Publication Committee shall submit quarterly report on its activities to CEC for its information / ratification or approval as the case may be.

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