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Powers & Functions of the Office - Bearers of the Association

  This clause defines the powers and functions at the Headquarters. These will also be observed as the guidelines for Zonal office-bearers.
12.1 President
12.1.1 He shall be the executive and administrative head of the Association and the other office-bearers shall work under his instructions and guidance, subject to the existing regulations.
12.1.2 He shall be the executive and administrative head of the Association in which he shall have a casting vote. In his absence, the Vice-President (HQ) for CEC meeting or any other Zonal President or in their absence, any other member elected to preside over the meeting, shall have the power as President.
12.1.3 The President shall control the finances of the Association and shall sanction expenditure on the basis of the budget approved by the Association at the AGM, based on the following Systems and Procedures to be adopted by concerned Office-bearers, viz HGS / HGT, Auditors, and Office-bearers of Zones & CSC's.
  (i) Based on relevant clauses mentioned under 12.3 and 12.5 in Constitution, the systems, procedures, records, formats for A/c be drafted and standardised in consultation with Auditors, and be practised uniformly by HGS & HGT.

(ii) Such documents and records be updated and reconciled every Quarter, , for presentation to the CEC / ZEC at their Quarterly meetings.

(iii) Since Accounts of CSC's are centralised at HQ, similar systems, procedures records and formats be practised by VP's of CSC's and HGS & HGT.

(iv) Since the A/c of the Zones form a part of consolidated statement of Annual A/c, similar systems, procedures, records and formats be practised by Zonal Secretaries & Treasurers duly controlled by Zonal Presidents. (Refer also (i) )

(v) The summary of similar accounts of CSC's will also be presented at Quarterly CEC's Meetings.

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