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Resignation, Termination, Re-Admission

5.1.1 A member wanting to resign from the membership of the Association shall intimate his desire in writing to the Secretary of the Zone/General Secretary of the Association. He will be liable to pay the annual subscription and all other dues till the date of receipt of his intimation For this and for other purpose, part of a year will be counted as one year.
5.1.2 The ZEC may recommend to the CEC the termination of any person in any category of membership in the Association, whose continuation, in its opinion is detrimental to the interests and status of the Association. The decision of the CEC shall be final.
5.1.3 A member who is in arrears of his subscription beyond the due date, viz. March 31, of the previous year, will be liable for termination of membership. A notice in writing shall be issued to him not later than September 30 of the current year. Any member who is in arrears of subscription for two consecutive years shall be given a notice for termination of membership. The matter of termination of membership shall also be referred to CEC through respective ZEC.
5.1.4 Re-admission of a member who has resigned or whose membership has been terminated will be considered by the CEC on written request and after payment of all outstanding dues together with the appropriate admission fees.






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