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Zonal Executive Committee (ZEC)

8.1 Composition: The ZEC will consist of the following:
Office bearers Number
President 1
Vice-President (Elect) 2
Vice-President (Nominated) 2
Honorary Secretary 1
Honorary Joint Secretary 1
Honorary Treasurer. 1
Immediate Past-President 1
Immediate Past-Hony. Secretary 1
Immediate Past-Hony. Treasurer 1
Members 10
Co-opted Members 4
Total 25
8.1.1 New elected ZEC will nominate Vice-President (nominated).
8.2.1 Same person shall not hold same office for more than two consecutive full terms.
8.3 Election Procedure for ZEC:
8.3.1 The procedure for the election of ZEC remains the same as described in clause 7.6 except the subclauses 7.6.6 to 7.6.9 and 7.6.12.

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